Organise a meeting or spend some restful days in Myllyniemi

You may gather a group or come with your family. The possibilities are wide - you may organise a meeting, conference or just spend some restful days in the breath-taking nature of Lappland. Myllyniemi offers the perfect surroundings for all these activities.

For companies organising a meeting or conference we can offer audiovisual equipment such as fax, copier, overhead projector and videotape recorder. All that you have to bring with you is open mind and co-operative spirit.

In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible Myllyniemen Majat offers you board and lodging. The food is genuine Finnish home made food including all the specialities that Lappland has to offer.

The evenings you may spend in the fjeld hut enjoying the warmth of the fireplace or you may try the genuine Finnish sauna which is located on the shore of the Lake Sieppi. If you have decided to take lodgings in the Viekko you will have your own sauna in use.

The atmosphere is at its best in the fjeld hut

If you decide to take a room from the fjeld hut you may either choose a room for two or for four persons, in total there are 32 beds in the fjeld hut. Also the shared premises, like sanitary- and drying facilities, kitchen and the large living room, are located in the fjeld hut. The shared premises are also available for you if you have decided to lodge in your own caravan.

Enjoy your stay in Viekko

The Viekko is the best choice for families. There are in total six Viekkos in Myllyniemi and each Viekko consists of three rooms and a kitchen (67,5 m2 - 76 m2). Every Viekko has four beds, well equipped kitchen, TV, drying cabinet, shower, toilet and sauna. The car park is located in front of the Viekkos.

Myllyniemi welcomes you to the most genuine Lappland!

Myllyniemi is located in Muonio near the village Kerässieppi and the Lake Sieppi. Myllyniemen Majat is an excellent choice for accommodation in West-Lappland near the border of Pallas-Ounastunturi national park. In its own peace, yet near the large tourist centres of Lappland. The nearest slalom skiing centre is located in Olos, 26 kilometres away from Myllyniemi. The slalom skiing centres of Pallas, Levi, Ylläs and Hetta are all located within 100 kilometres away from Myllyniemi. 

Outdoor activities eli harrastusmahdollisuudet eri vuodenaikoina

In the summer you can hike in the surrounding fjeld scenery and get to know the breath-taking landscape. You can also spend time fishing in the nearby Lake Sieppi after you have bought yourself a fishing permit.

In the autumn the fjeld scenery is the most beautiful because of the blazing colours of autumn. Hiking in these breath-taking surroundings will open new viewpoints in your mind in this wide and noble landscape.

In the winter- and springtime cross country skiing and snowshoes are the best way to get to know the surroundings of Myllyniemi. At this time snow has covered the fjelds and moving without skis or snowshoes is nearly impossible. For cross country skiers we offer track routes which wander in the beautiful fjeld scenery in the national park near Myllyniemi.

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